Functional Foods for Health

Our aim is to study and produce functional foods, useful for personal health without sacrificing taste.

After conducting several market studies on functional food, we found that, besides being a constantly growing sector, there are still several uncovered segments. In particular, often there is a lack of savoury seasonings and spreads, as most of the available creams are sweet. For this reason, we have studied and developed a line of vegan and gluten-free pestos and spreads suitable both as pasta dressings and as spreads to season bruschettas, salads and complement any main course. All ingredients have been carefully selected for their beneficial properties in order to create a product that is not only genuine but also tastes excellent. Our products are also enriched with moringa, one of the most beneficial certified superfoods available today.

Our research and development department constantly strives to reinterpret commonly used foods well-known to the public as a Healthy alternative that does not compromise on taste and quality.